Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Learned In Astronomy Class

When I was in college my major required that I took two sciences courses. I have always had a love for anything with suns, moons and stars, so signing up for Astronomy seemed to be the perfect choice for me. Can I tell you how wrong I was?!

I had envisioned learning about the constellations, the planets, etc. In Astronomy I, all we did was learn the history of Astronomy. Very rarely would we venture to the university's planetarium to look at the night sky.

The one and only thing that I took away from Astronomy class was the ability to identify Orion's Belt. It looks like this. . .

Now every time the stars are visible at night I am on the hunt to find Orion's Belt. It is funny how finding those three little stars makes me feel so accomplished in the world of Astronomy!

My love of Orion's Belt is much like my love of finding the perfect belt to add to a dress or jeans. I personally don't wear belts much at all since you really wouldn't see them on me sitting in my wheelchair since I wear a seat belt (Not too fashionable, but a safety must. You should see how I zip around in my "convertible.").

Although you won't typically find me wearing a belt, I do love how they can add the perfect touch to your outfit. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

{I love the Here I Bow Again leather belt from ModCloth. With its bow embellishment and silver stud closure, this piece is the perfect mix of tough edge and flirty femininity.}
{In a muted chocolate hue, this delicately braided vegan-friendly Braid the Storm belt from ModCloth boasts polished brass-colored buckles and an adjustable strap. Cinch it over an oversized bronze tunic, frayed skinny jeans, and buckle-accented, knee-high brown boots for a chic ensemble!}

{Tap into the spunky side of professionalism by updating any skirt suit with this grey faux leather belt! The Linked In Belt from ModCloth fastens cleanly with two gold studs, the back of this cool belt features a section of gold links hitching studded panels of the faux leather. This belt is best worn with pointed pumps and a briefcase filled with confidence - an essential element in any go-getter's ensemble!}


  1. I like the belt. Very nice..Very chic..Very you..

  2. Oh I love that bow belt! I thought about taking an astronomy class once... it probably would have went like yours!