Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get Motivated!

Henry Ford once said:

"Any person who uses his skill and imagination to see how much he can do, rather than how little, is bound to succeed."

One might conclude, then, that if all of us are capable of doing more, then success is surely within our grasp!

There’s no doubt that the pace of change in our daily world is unprecedented and keeping us all busy and challenged! But no matter how hard we are presently working, there is always a tremendous amount of unused capacity in each of us. The potential is there.

So the real question becomes: How do we motivate ourselves to put forth our best effort all the time?

For example, a clerk who sets a goal of processing 35 invoices per hour instead of 30 boosts her productivity by over fifteen percent! Not out of the question, is it?

When asked about his genius, Thomas Edison replied:

"I never did anything worthwhile in life, nor did any of my inventions come by accident. They came from setting goals and then working hard to achieve them."

If Edison, with all his genius, had to work hard to achieve his goals, how can the rest of us get ahead by doing anything less? Keep up the good work you’re doing. Don't give up when you hit a road block that makes your day a little challenging. And for the love of love, BELIEVE in yourself and what your capable of. You might just be surprised on how far you will go.


  1. You are so right...the sky's the limit,if we're willing to put forth that little extra effort to make it happen. Thanks for that inspiration to reach for the stars!

  2. I realized just recently how much I truly do have, and that I was reaching for something taht I thought I had to have to be "sucessful." Being a wife and hopefully soon, a mommmy, is the greatest goal I personally could hope to acheive... if crochet stardom comes later so be it, but I am happy now. Love you!

  3. I was just thinking about how burnt out I felt trying to juggle all the responsibilities in life. It can get very overwhelming but I think we all keep going with the hope that it will all pay off somehow. Even if it's just making someone else smile :) Thanks for kicking me out of my funk!