Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's the Small Things

We live in a world where it is so simple to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of "bigger is better." Of judging our success, our happiness, our very well being on our material possessions, our social status and how much money is in our bank account.

What people need to realize is that life is short. We get one chance to embrace true happiness in our life, to be a source of happiness in someone elses, and none of those things are going to fulfill you in a way that will sustain you.

I'm not saying that I am not guilty of wanting more; of continually striving to have a better life, but it is SO IMPORTANT to me to enjoy the little things in life that make the journey so special because THAT my friends is what will get you through the stressful days. THAT is what helps you through obstacles you will face. And THAT is what you will remember years down the line. Those small things that made a difference to you and those things that you did that made a difference to someone else.

If we just take the time to notice and acknowledge small gifts of beauty and acts of kindness that come from a place that the superficial has yet to find, can you just imagine, even for a second, how fulfilling that can be in your life? Taking even just ten seconds to really appreciate the people and things that come into your life on a regular basis can go a long way towards making you a happier person.

Do you know what I find happiness in each and every day?

Talking with friends and family, even if it is a quick text to say hello. But it is the simple fact that we are thinking of each other in our busy day.

A kiss from my hubby and hearing him say I love you.

Enjoying a drink with friends and chatting for hours about. . .nothing.

A beautiful sunset and the calm as the sun dips below the horizon.

Putting a smile on someones face, whether I know them or not. . .maybe I did something that will make their day brighter.

The mindset that something great and wonderful has to happen before we can be happy is a myth. If you believe that winning a prize or buying yourself that great item that you've been wanting so long is going to make you happy, you're absolutely right. It will make you happy...for about two hours. Then you'll be looking for something else to bring on that sort of joy.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were actually the big things.


  1. I LOVE today's blog. Sometimes, it takes a major life crisis to think like this. At the end of one's life, we might realize this, also. Hope that everyone that reads this will try to keep what you wrote in their minds and consider to embrace it. Start today because today is the FIRST day of the rest of their lives. Your Loving Aunt

  2. Lovely, Jamie!!!
    Lack is merely the feeling of potential, so you can tie it into being happy that you realize that as well. Love this so much.