Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Guilty

Hello Lovely! You know me and my love of perfumes - a girl can NEVER have too many if you ask me.

Quite easily the sexiest fragrance I own and what I think is my signature fragrance - Gucci Guilty.

The bottle itself is substantial and eye-catching with its over sized unmistakable interlocking “G”s creating a window into the fragrance inside.

I love the combination of shimmering mandarin and pink pepper at the top - it’s a very subtle way to foreshadow what else is in store as you reach the middle and bottom notes of this sultry juice. 

This fragrance rounds out very nicely with lilac, geranium, and peach meeting in the middle; then it warms up in a blanket of transparent patchouli and amber that’s more sweet than earthy.  The dry-down results in a fierce sensuality that’s appropriate to indulge in anytime, anywhere.

Guilty is like my alter-ego; Hot Wheels- she’s totally capable of living a dangerously sexy lifestyle but I swear you’d never know it (Shh! Don’t tell!).

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