Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Magic Mickey Dust

We've all heard the saying, "Out of the mouth of babes." Those wonderfully, idealistic notions that the world we live in has endless possibilities and anything can be fixed with a little magic.

About a month ago, I had a very special lunch with one of my favorite patients. She is a sweet six-yr-old that has boundless energy, a vivid imagination and pristine innocence. During our time together I told her I had something special for her. Something that she had to be very careful with and always hold close to her heart.

With wide-eyed anticipation and wonder, she held on to my every word. I told her that I had been given magic fairy dust. That any time she was going through a hard time, or was scared, she just needed to hang on to this magic fairy dust and it would help her through.

What you have to understand is that this little girl is where I once was and I see so much of myself in her. She uses a wheelchair to get through life. Unlike me, with the help of braces and a walker she can walk, but she is going to face challenges in her life that are so different from her peers.

Her mom told me recently about a "dance" that her kindergarten class had. She wanted to dance like her classmates and although she could get out of her chair and participate, it wasn't "easy" for her. There was concern if she could even do it. Her mom watched with baited breath as her little girl swayed awkwardly to the music as her partner helped keep her steady on her feet. . .her little girl smiling from ear to ear. She had tackled that challenge and won!

Getting back to the fairy dust. . .as I placed this fairy dust (Mickey Mouse shaped confetti) into her tiny hand, she wrapped her little fingers around it, closing her hand up tight and shut her eyes.

"I'm making a wish."

Now I remember being a child - you NEVER tell your wishes because they won't come true. I waited a few seconds until she opened her eyes. She looked at me with a huge smile on her face and then placed the fairy dust in her bag for safe keeping.

Now fast forward to yesterday. This little sweetie comes in to my office to visit me with her mom between doctor's appointments. She is insistent that her mom leave us alone (We need "our time" together after all.). Once her mom is gone she frantically asked me. . .

"Jamie, do you have any more of that magic mickey dust? I've lost mine and can't find it."

I only had that little bit that I gave her a month ago (I had been given a handful of it the last time my hubby and I went to Disney World and honestly I was trying to get it out of my wallet.) and feared it was all gone. I promised I would check for her. As I looked through my wallet, she says to me. . .

"Even if you only have one."

At that moment, I found just ONE "magic mickey dust" for her. As I pulled it out and handed it to her, the look on her face was of pure innocence - of complete faith and belief that this little piece of "magic" could do everything that I said it could do and she was filled with excitement and hope.

With everything that we face in our day to day lives - the challenges and triumphs, the ups and the downs - wouldn't it be nice to have a little magic mickey dust of our own that could help us through?


  1. That is the best story EVAR! I just love that so much... OMG!!!!

    1. I KNOW!!! She is amazing. To be a child again :)

  2. That a great story. Be nice to be a child again and just make wishes like that. As an Adult, let just say I WISH I could use one of those.