Monday, May 21, 2012

No More Peach's and Cream

Summer is almost here and the trend in makeup - sexy, sizzling and dramatic! No more peach's and cream...


Lips are berry stained or sheer glossy orange. Foundation is slightly more matte, saving the cheek area for a bit rosy hues. Eyes are where the drama sets in; yes the trend of the heavier lined eye is sticking around for summer. The shadows that are on trend for this summer are hot, and from sensuous teal to golden metallic, and creamy neutral shades, and smoky grays... all the attention is on the eyes this summer. The cheeks are being played up big time, oh yes blush is so back in a very big way! Choosing a blush should be determined by your skin tone. For the warm toned girls like myself, stick to blushes and bronzers that have a peach tone or light brown tones in them. The secret to using blush is blend, blend and blend again.

What are makeup trend are you most looking forward to for summer?

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