Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Girl Crush: Lea Michele

Admittedly, Ms. Michele stirs up quite the controversy as some people are absolutely smitten with her like I am, while others are not shy about their feelings against her. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but there are so many reasons to love Lea Michele.

Those pipes. At first sight, the 5-foot-2 actress looks anything but powerful, but when she starts to sing, my god! Can she bring it! The first time I really heard her break it down I was dumbfounded as to how a voice that big could come out of something that tiny. From the pop songs she sings on Glee, to the ballads she killed on Broadway, to singing on the big screen, to singing at the Superbowl -- you name it, the girl has a voice of an angel! There is little in this world I love more and listening to a voice like hers. . .well it is enough to make this wannabe singer jealous (I can hold my own, but certainly not like her)!

She's an activist. Anyone who is familiar with Lea Michele is familiar with her love of animals. A devout vegan, Ms. Michele has joined many issues against animal abuse and has most recently headed up the fight to stop horse and carriage rides in New York City (You can watch her PSA here.). A native New Yorker, Lea loves her city, but has been adamant about her feelings against the treatment of the horses used for horse and carriage rides, so much so she has sent letters and petitions to Mayor Bloomberg.

I too will do anything for animals. My heart goes out to them. Some years back a stray dog was tied up in front of a Wal-Mart. After seeing that the metal chain around its neck was causing sores and my friends and I were told by store management the dog had been there for weeks and customers would buy it food, I took action. I bought my new furry friend food, water, a proper collar and found this adorable boxer a good home. No animal should EVER be mistreated, so I applaud Lea for taking such a stand!

She loves her job as much as her fans do. The term "Gleek" is usually reserved for a super fan of the show, but if you follow Lea, or any cast member, on Twitter, you would know they are probably the show's biggest fans of all. Just recently she tweeted, "#iheartglee :)" With a show as huge and popular as Glee, it is really nice to see a cast that is just as excited they are on the show as their fans are.

She loves her fans. If there is anything Lea loves more than her show, it would be her fans. She constantly shares her love and appreciation for her fans through her Twitter site.

That look! Whoever told Ms. Michele that she wasn't pretty enough for "the biz" has absolutely lost their mind! I truly find her stunning. She has hair TO DIE FOR (Especially when she wears a fringed bang), and her makeup is always so put together. And let us not forget her amazing fashion sense. I have Googled many times "Lea Michelle lipstick" or "Lea Michelle how-to" to try and replicate this brunette beauty's look.

So what about you? Are you crushing on Lea too?

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