Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

{Periwinkle LLBean sweater, grey NY&Co pants, Coach boots, earrings from Bealls}

Baby it's cold outside! Ok, well COLD might be an exaggeration. This January started out unseasonably warm with temperatures continually reaching the 60s, 70s and dare I say even 80s!!! For my northern friends who are weathering the snow and bitter cold. . .I'm sorry!

I was excited this morning that the weather did cool down a bit from a storm we had the evening before, which allowed me to wear this gorgeous periwinkle cable knit sweater I got for Christmas. I may not have to bundle up in layer upon layer as a Florida girl, but I still love to put on a comfy sweater and a pair of boots!

And later when I came home from work this sweater was equally comfy to curl up on the couch with.


  1. I love your outfit...That sweater does look comfy.

  2. There really isn't anything better than a comfy sweater, is there? Great with trousers, jeans, even sweats! The color looks great on you :)