Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Would You Put in Your Dream Jar?

During my two weeks off for the holidays I did a lot of magazine reading. One article I was reading talked about ideas to help you keep your resolutions for the new year.

I mentioned to you earlier in the week that I am not much of the "resolution" keeper, but the idea I stumbled upon intrigued me.

The original idea in the magazine was to get a jar and put your dreams for the year. . .what you are most hoping for in the new year.

Although I loved this idea, it still felt a bit too "resolution-like" for me, but I didn't want to forget about it all together, so I tweaked it a bit.

Instead of putting my hopes for the new year in the jar, I decided my dream jar was going to have notes of all the different things that made me happy throughout the year. Just think about it.

Whenever something extraordinary truly makes you happy. . . or even something very simple, like an unexpected email from a friend or having your favorite dessert you haven't had in a while, you write it down and put it in the jar. At the end of the year you open your jar and reflect on all the joy that came into your life that year; most of which you probably will have forgotten, but I guarantee you, reading your own words of how you felt because you got a hug from a loved one you hadn't seen in a while or because you spent a fun evening at home laughing with your best friends. . .you will instantly be taken back to those moments and be able to cherish them once again.

I've already begun to collect happy memories in my dream jar. What will you put in yours?


  1. I love that idea! Maybe, some days, we can write what we are thankful for, also. It's a positive way to look back on the year. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  2. Seeing Jon's and Holly's baby...Seeing my nephews...being happy and proud( and blessed) to volunteer, to make a different in some one else's life..