Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are You Getting Your Beauty Sleep?

I don't know about your bedding, but when it is time to go to sleep, I cannot wait to snuggle up under my soft bamboo sheets and feel the cool, soft pillowcase against my cheek in the Summer or the warm coziness of our flannel sheets in the Winter.

Our bed feels like you're sleeping on a cloud if you ask me, so soft and fluffy. I have recently learned that even the highest quality bedding might be robbing you of your beauty sleep; and in fact, cotton, silk and satin pillowcases draw moisture from the skin leaving it dry by morning.

The DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase is your answer to not only a fabulous night's sleep, but also your secret weapon to looking your best in the morning.

Made with the patented JuveTex rejuvenating fabric, the DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase is designed to eliminate sleep wrinkles and fine lines while rebuilding the collagen in your skin. FABULOUS!!!

Regardless of the brand of skin care product you use, everyone concerned about their skin will benefit from the DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase.

The DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase is also great for your hair. I have long, extremely thick, "bed head" in the morning hair. I pretty much stay in one position all night and I still wake up looking like I just put my finger in an electrical socket. What gives?

By sleeping on the DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase you can reduce hair breakage, eliminate tangles and “bed head”. You can maintain beautiful hair as the DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase provides a natural moisture balance for your hair. It is even excellent for preserving your hairstyle and maintaining hair weaves and extensions.

Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet and Jessica Simpson take their beauty bedding seriously, so why shouldn't you?

The cost is a bit pricey at $39.99 per pillowcase, but the results are well worth the ticket price.

All you have to do is sleep and reap the benefits. How fabulous does that sounds?


  1. Its always good to have good night sleep as its always important. Not having a good night sleep is does mess up your day, even at work.

    Great blog, Jamie

  2. Interesting product. I have heard of these, but haven't tried them yet. How long have you used one of these?