Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cool Down With Concord's Smoothie Mix

As the temperature continues to rise I have been finding myself searching for a refreshingly cool treat that I won't feel guilty after eating or drinking.

I have become addicted to Concord's Smoothie Mix, thanks a friend of ours, to make the tastiest fruit smoothies that not only provide the cool down I am desperately searching for, but also the nutrition value I want to obtain.

Simply blended with strawberries, milk and ice, each packet contains enough mix to make one quart of delicious tasting smoothie.

I have altered Concord's recipe a bit and use frozen strawberries, no ice (thus the frozen strawberries) and almond milk (extra healthy). I also will add in some fresh or frozen blueberries or fresh bananas to the mix for an extra fruity treat.

For less than $10 for all ingredients at your local supermarket. . .say it with me now AHHHH RE-FRESH-ING!

1 comment:

  1. I love smoothie. My favorite is Stawberries and bananas.

    On hot weather like we have been having, a smoothie is really refreshing.