Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flashback

{The chocolate chip cookies from the DoubleTree Hotel that were sent to me. They gave a donation for an upcoming event and gave me cookies for organizing it. I love that you get a cookie when you check in to the hotel. They are so soft and chewy. MMM-MMM.}

I love Friday Flashback day. It gives me time to reflect on the week and remember those little things that made me exceptionally happy. There is no way to capture everything. A funny moment with my hubby that left me in tears, the smell of freshly popped popcorn, or being asked at church if I had a blog called "I Look Good Today" and after responding yes hearing they love reading it and check in every day! This week was full of catching up with one of my favorite TV shows (Dexter), enjoying a "build your own" salad at the Mellow Mushroom that was topped with a yummy pesto chicken and planning the Glam Jam for our 14 - 18 year old patients. I wish you all could attend that event. Healthy self-esteem is an area of concern for most teenage girls, but for many of our patients there is the added pressure of experiencing a visual difference from their peers. The goal of this event is to increase the social-emotional heath of our teenage female patients through a motivational speaker and various self-esteem building activities. All of these girls will leave empowered and able to say, "I Look Good Today!"
{I went on another shopping excursion to the Lush store, my newly found favorite cosmetic store. I came home with this in my bag.}

{I spotted this watch from Fossil during my stroll through the International Mall with my hubby. It is now officially on my wanted list.}

{The Simple Carnival is a "band" (more like an ongoing studio recording project) led by Pittsburgh singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and my cousin Jeff Boller. His newly released song "Smitten" is the title track video for the Smitten 3D project and it is just awesome. Listen and watch it here.
Put on your 3D glasses and play it loud!}

{Receiving a random I love you note in my email from my wonderful hubby yesterday. What a nice feeling to open up my work email during an extremely busy day to find sweet sentiments from my love.}

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