Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Flashback

{The amazing key lime tart for dessert at Mellow Mushroom. It was sinfully good!!!}
Happy Friday Friends! We made it! For some reason this week seemed to last FOREVER!!! Perhaps because last week I only worked three days. Love those short weeks. This week was all about getting "things" taken care of. Since our vehicle break in back in July we have been getting our life back together. Unfortunately that meant the hassle of changing banks (We were very unhappy with how our bank handled things, so instead of simply changing account info, we decided to leave them completely.) and changing insurance companies (You'd think after the thousands of dollars we have given our insurance company for over 10 years they wouldn't complain when our claim was just over $500. . .guess we were wrong.). I am so thankful that the van is completely fixed, our personal info once again secure, many items replaced and our wits are again in tact. So here is to enjoying having order to life once again, and even more importantly, peace of mind! I'm looking forward to my massage this weekend! What's on the docket for you this weekend? Anything fun planned?

{This is our new insurance company. I know you might think it is strange that I would be so moved as to put them as one of my favorite things of this past week. Well here is why. When we were getting quotes from different insurance companies they were the ONLY one that would cover the adaptive equipment in my vehicle (my ramp/wheelchair lock down system). . .the only one! I have been told for years by my old insurance company that any adaptive equipment would be up to me to replace/repair if something happened; they only were responsible for the original vehicle items. So thank you Amica, for understanding how important it is for me to have an adapted van that safely transports me to where I need to go.}

{Sookie and Eric FINALLY getting together on True Blood!!! I have always liked Eric (Plus he is HOT!!!), even the more crass Eric. I know the recent coupling is due to his showing a softer demeanor after losing his memory, but I just love them together and hope they are together for a while!}
{I am a HUGE football fan. I think I rival some men with my love of football, particularly the Steelers with the Bucs a close second. I found out this week that my wonderful hubby has purchased us tickets to not one, but two Bucs games this coming season. I was very excited to hear that, and was even more excited to hear that one of those games is a Monday night game and the other a throwback game!}

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  1. Mr. A is super stoked for football season. Since the lockout was settled, he has walked around yelling, "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!!?"
    No, I am not.
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