Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

{Striped cardigan from Forever 21, red tank from my closet. . .it's been too long since I bought this to remember, black pants from Fashion Bug, Esprit shoes, gold sun/moon necklace and earrings gifted}

I think sometimes I have ESP when it comes to my wardrobe selections. I have been wanting to wear a new cardigan that I bought after seeing it on a waitress at the Mellow Mushroom. I fell in love with it from across the room and after a little online hunting found it was from Forever 21. With our weather in the high 90s each day it is often too warm to wear anything long sleeve, and we are not allowed to wear sleeveless at my job, so to say, just take off the cardi during the day, doesn't work. Well yesterday I decided I was going to wear it (I am very anxious to wear new clothes like the second after I buy them. . . I think there is something wrong with me.). From the moment I stepped out the door to leave for work until well into the evening it rained, it poured, it was the kind of sideways, hit you in the face rain that you just can't avoid no matter how hard you try and hide under your umbrella. And the temp was in the mid 80s with a breeze all day. With complete cloud cover, the breeze actually felt a little chilly, so needless to say, my new little cardi was a perfect solution to the crazy weather. I also love the sort of navy vibe I got from this top. I felt like a retro sailor.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my outfit choice. I was thrilled with it; especially when my hubby commented how cute I looked in it too.

{All day long I kept thinking. . .wow I really look good today! I love when you just feel like you're rockin' your outfit!}
{I love suns and moons. I actually used to collect everything celestial when I was in high school and college. I haven't worn this necklace since college, so it was very fun putting it back on to accessorize my outfit.}

{Baby it's a little cold outside. Well not really, but there was a nice cool breeze due to the torrential downpour we endured yesterday. I seriously was thinking my chair might need to turn into a watercraft.}


  1. Impressive skills, hunting down a cardigan just from seeing it on someone!

  2. Thanks Ruth. I remember telling my hubby, "That looks like something from Forever 21." I went online that night and there it was. Once you shop certain stores enough, you get a feel for their clothing.

  3. I think I need that cardigan!! Love that it is striped and ribbed! Looking good Jamie!!

  4. I love the outfit, Jamie. Its so you.

  5. I love cardis....yours today was quite chic, in a fun sort of way! The total look definitely worked for you. Awesome job! BTW, all that "bling" made my eyes pop out!

  6. It's funny you mention the "bling" Sherie. I have a t-shirt that says "Bling Bling These Ain't Your Mama's Diamonds"