Monday, August 22, 2011

Where Do You Live?

 My Lovelies, I'm curious: Where do you live? Which state, country?

I'm originally from Pennsylvania, and then my family moved to Florida when I was only seven years old. Although I've lived here the majority of my life, I still consider myself a northern girl at heart. I miss the mountains, the changing seasons. . . My hubby (a FL native) and I always talk about moving north some day.

Now, for the winner of the Etsy Giveaway...

Congratulations to Gia! The zodiac necklace, choice of sign and metal finish, is hers! 

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  1. I lived everywhere..Connecticut, Virginia, Connecticut, Florida, California and now Georgia. And I would like to stay where I am now.

    Sadly I couldn't really call any of it home, I feel I never stay at one place.

    Like you, my uncle and another friend of mine who lived in FL the LONGEST, you guys can call it home, because you guys never moved out of the guys are lucky.

  2. I'm originally from RI, born and raised there until I was 20. Then I lived in FL for 6 years, and then my husband and kids and I moved here to CO where we've been for 6 years. I consider home to be where we live, so I call CO home :) I miss the ocean so much, although the mountains are quite lovely!