Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

{Striped top from Forever 21, red skirt gifted, Esprit shoes, bow pin and flower headband from Forever 21, bow earrings from Betsy Johnson}
I know I have mentioned to you (here and here) that I LOVE the show Glee. Ever since the show aired I have tried to replicate some of my favorite outfits. Today's outfit is similar to one of my favorite outfits worn by Ms. Emma Pillsbury.

With a few of my own touches, I think my outfit replica turned out very well. What do you think? Did I give Emma a run for her wardrobe money?

{I love that the bow pin, bow earrings and flower headband ALL have pearls and jewels in them.}

{Another aspect of this top I love are the buttons on the shoulder.}

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  1. I wish I can wear headbands...they never bothered me, but now it does and I don't know why.

    Love the dress, Jamie. You're always sophisticated. I was told not to be jealous of what other people wear...I'm not them...What ever that means...

  2. I love your outfit inspiration! Your translation is perfect. And of course I love the Betsey earrings!

    I think I may start wearing headbands and make them my "thing." Whatcha think?

  3. I love headbands. They can be such a fun accessory. I say go for it Hillary!

  4. I'm glad you like the outfit Jessi & Ruth!

  5. Absolutely love your accessories!

  6. nice work!! very cute, and love the headband on you. :)


  7. You put together a really great look. I think you've outdone Emma Pillsbury, for sure! I love your attention to detail with the accessories.