Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Straighten Up! I Need Your Vote!

Hello Beautiful! Can I just tell you how excited I am? As you know, a few months ago I had the haircut from Hell!!! I am still tortured with one side of my hair that is significantly shorter than the other side as well as one side cut with some nice angles and the other a complete blunt cut.

Well in addition to this crazy hairdo I have been sporting for the last few months, my natural very wavy, thick hair is coming back. The Japanese straightening I had done at the beginning of the year is finally wearing out.

If you have hair like mine that although beautiful (My hair has always been the feature I have been complimented the most on.), takes an extreme amount of work to style: wash, condition, blow dry for 1/2 an hour, flat iron for another 20 minutes. . .it's a chore. Especially when I cannot physically do my hair myself (God love my hubby and BFF!).

I've made my appointment with the wonderful Maggie from Unique Hair to fix the mess on top of my head and to straighten back up these wavy locks of mine for September 13. I know by the pictures you see each day my hair looks straight and I hope not too uneven (I try to hide it as best I can.), but in reality it is wavy and looks like a kindergartner took their scissors to my head.

With the Japanese straightening my hair is the complete opposite - sleek and pin straight.  I could air dry it if I wanted to and it would look fabulous! No ironing to get my hair to behave. . .it's a dream come true. I CANNOT WAIT!!!

So I say all that to say; I need your vote on possible hair styles. Being that Maggie will have to cut more of my hair to properly style it, the longest layer will probably be right at my shoulders. I have found a few pictures while searching online that I like. I definitely want to keep my bangs. I have a really big forehead with no bangs at all LOL. I am open to doing them to the side though.

Here are the styles I'm liking. What's your vote?

{Courtney Cox's hair from Scream with fringe bangs and a few face framing layers.}
{Carrie Underwood's hair with the side bangs and lots of layers. Obviously mine would not be this long.}
{I am actually not sure who this is, but I really like her hair mostly all one length with the blunt bangs.}
{Jessica Simpson's hair that just touches her shoulders with the side bangs and lots of layers.}


  1. Oh gosh, so hard to decide. I think I like the first one best. And you could probably style it to look like the Jessica Simpson one too

  2. I had that Jessica Simpson haircut a few years ago! I really liked it, so this one gets my vote. :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Carrie or Jessica :) Any which way, I know you'll rock it!

  4. Either number three or Jessica simpson :) both gorgeous and I can imagine them suiting you soo well! Can't wait to see!


  5. I don't know which one. I think you look good in anything. I want your thick hair.

    One time I went one of those Smart Cut or something to get a trim and I love the person that did it...so then I went back like months later to get a trim and the woman wasn't there and I was so mad, but that the price you pay for going someplace like Smart Cut, or The Clips, they don't do the best job and people jump from shop to shop and you can't EVEN have your favorite " Person" that did your hair so great at one time.

    Jamie, one said of my hair was so uneven. it wasn't layered properly.

    So I went to my mother's barber and she fix me up and if I need a trim, I go to her from now on..

  6. I definitely vote for the Courtney Cox look....good luck with the decision.

  7. Carrie Underwood, love the layers and side bang

  8. I think their both gorgeous and I can imagine them suiting you soo well! Can't wait to see! :)

  9. Thanks How To Look Good In Photos!