Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Post: Believe You Are Beautiful!

Hi all! Alyson from The Average Girl’s Guide ( here, stopping by for a visit. Thanks so much to Jamie for having me as a guest blogger on I Look Good Today!
I’ve been struggling what to share with you as I wanted something that you can read to make you be able to take action and say, “I Look Good Today.” What I realized is that it isn’t as simple as an outfit post, a simple piece of fashion advice or a delicious (yet shockingly healthy!) recipe. It’s about how you feel because you let yourself believe you are beautiful. It’s taken more than you’d think for me to get there.
In the past two years my body has taken me for a ride: I had a baby girl and then four months later, became very sick with a rare neurological condition. While my paralysis was temporary, I am left with a very different body than I had two years ago. You can’t see my neurological conditions or internal issues. But I can – and hope you can too – see how strong I am. While I have had some frustrations along the way, this time has shown me that my body is so incredible and awesome that it created life, that it has bounced back from paralysis and is fighting even harder than ever to live the life I want for it.
So while I look in the mirror, sometimes frustrated by my not-so-flat-tummy, I remind myself about all I am capable of. It’s something all women have to do. Take a minute to recognize yourself, your body, and really, truly think about all that you are capable of as well. And, for one minute, just look in the mirror and say, man, I don’t look good today… I look HOT today!
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  1. You are strong and beautiful. Loved reading this post. :) Btw, I am mother of two so I can relate to a tiny part of your story.

    Heel in Mint

  2. She is strong and beautiful and a woman I admire very much! Isn't it amazing to find out all the personal struggles people have that on the surface you might never have known? We all go have our mountains to climb, and just like my frien Alyson, I hope to continue to concur those challenges with a smile, grace and a fabulous wardrobe :)