Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best and Worst Dressed at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards

Ahhh the Emmy's, how I love you! An evening to oooohhh and awwww (and sometimes scream, "Girl, what were you thinking wearing that?") at our favorite stars as they walk the red carpet. Sunday was the 63rd Prime Time Awards hosted by Jane Lynch. I LOVE HER! I thought she did an amazing job, and you know me, I love Glee, so the added a Glee element was right up my alley! Here are my thoughts on the best and worst stressed at this year's Emmy's.

Best Dressed:

{Julia Stiles. I think Julia just looks stunning in this silver, mermaid cut dress.}

{Jennifer Carpenter. I thought her dress was to die for. I love the sequins and the slit on one side to give a little leg action.}

{Heather Morris. Hey hot momma! Heather, to me, was the best dressed out of the entire Glee cast. She pulls off this dramatic V cut dress with flying colors!}

{Brooke Anderson. This emerald green one shoulder dress is gorgeous on her.}
Worst Dressed:

{Jayma Mays. It REALLY hurts me to put my girl Jayma on this list, but can someone please tell me what is up with this dress? I feel like I should be going to prom in the 80s wearing this dress.}

{Lea Michelle. Another one of my Glee gals coming up as a disappointment! What the heck is with the puffy sleeves and bag like chest? This look is just not flattering at all on her.}
{Heidi Klum. I think I would like this dress much better if it were floor length.}
What are your favorites from the Emmy Awards? Anything make you cringe?


  1. Fun post! I definitely agree with your picks! Also, didn't have time to respond the other day, but I think your new hair style looks great! Very cute!

  2. Looking back at my favorites, I see that I did like they silver/grey trend going on.

  3. I love this post! I was bummed in the Glee outfits too!! I can't wait for tonight's show!!