Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Flashback

{Walkin' the red carpet at the Dolphin Tale Premier.}
 Happy Friday Gorgeous! It's finally the first day of fall and I couldn't be more excited, are you?!

Ok, hubby and I are officially famous! Today the movie Dolphin Tale opens in theaters in the US, and as many of you know, we were both background entertainment in the film. We were on set six days back in November of last year rubbing elbows with Harry Connick Jr, Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd and we HAD A BLAST!!!. For months now we have seen ourselves in the previews for the movie on TV, and because of this our anticipation of the movie's release has been almost impossible to handle.

On Wednesday of this week, my hubby and I walked the red carpet at the movie's premier. To be in such an environment was unbelievable. The cameras flashing one after another, the feeling of excitement in the air. . .I could definitely get used to that scene, I'm not gonna lie! As we entered Ruth Eckerd Hall and took our seats we saw so many friends that we had made on set that we hadn't seen since. Many hugs were shared and as the lights went down over the theater, we put on our 3D glasses and waited to see if we had made it into the film or if we were forever doomed to the cutting room floor. Our scene is at the end of the movie. As the scene approached, hubby and I who were already holding hands, grasped each other a little tighter. Then it happened. There we were. On the big screen. And there we were again, and again and again. A-MAZ-ING!!!

What an experience this has been. I can't wait for friends and family to see the film. Even if we were not in it, the story is one that will really make an impact on so many people, because although the movie is partially fiction, the story of Winter is all fact.

If anyone would like an autograph, I'm happy to send one LOL. You can say you knew me when *Wink*.

{The projection that showed on either side of the theater.}

{A group of us "background talent" after the movie and so excited to have seen ourselves on the big screen.}


  1. I am definitely going to watch this movie! I'm excited.

  2. wow, so fun! love this. curious to see the movie, for sure!

  3. The movie is soooo good. . .even if we weren't in it, I love it!

  4. Gonna check out the movie this weekend. Can't wait!