Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Flashback

{My hubby gave me a heart flower balloon this week from a party they had at his office. How adorably romantic! It doesn't take much to make me feel special to this man!}

Hello Friday. So nice to see you again! First things first. . .Happy Birthday Dad!!! I hope you have a wonderful day today!!! I love you!!!

OK, back to our weekly wrap-up. I can't tell you how much I have really enjoyed this week. There wasn't anything significant that happened this week, but just a lot of tiny moments that brought me a lot of joy! There was one particular thing that made the entire week for me.

I don't know about you, but I am a TOTAL ANIMAL LOVER! My hubby and I often take a back way home from work. It is less chaotic taking us away from interstate driving and a nice way to wind down from the hectic work day. We always pass by a home that has a very large amount of fenced in space with miniature horses, goats, sheep and other furry friends. When we drove by Wednesday night my hubby decided to pull the van over so we could get a closer look. Rolling down my window I called out to the two little horses as they were grazing mid field. They both looked up at me and then started making there way over to the fence. I couldn't believe it. When they approached with there swinging tails and adorable faces I squealed like a little girl. As I talked to them they would make sounds back as if they were answering me. It was everything I could do to not get out of my car and squish them up in a big hug. They made me sooo happy!

So what happened this week to make you happy? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for visiting!!!

{This is Bosley. He came to live with us via Ebay. I won him for my hubby. He used to have this very same bunny when he was a little boy. Seeing Bosley online made my hubby so excited, so I knew I had to win him; and I did. SCORE! Bosley sits in our living room and makes both of us very happy whenever we see him. . .he's kinda ornery though. He thinks he owns the place!}
{My pretty chartreuse "J" notepad cover I use at work. I love taking this very posh office accessory to meetings. I feel very important when I use it!}
{The potato pancakes at The Shrimp Boat. Loaded mashed potatoes deep fried. Crunchy outside with fluffy mashed potatoes on the inside. Couldn't get enough of these things!}
{I can't believe it, but this Thursday was seven years ago that hubby proposed to me and we made sure to celebrate that special day! If you missed it, you can read our engagement story here. This picture was taken on a nature trail in PA a few days after I said "yes" on  another nature trail.}

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