Thursday, July 28, 2011

Glam Jam

Hello Friends. I am very excited to share with you an event we have coming up that I have helped run for the past 3 years. The Glam Jam. Just the name sounds like an amazing time right?!

I work at Shriners Hospitals for Children as their PR Specialist. For me, this role is such a blessing. You see, I was a patient at this very hospital when I was a child. Now being in PR for them, I really feel it is my opportunity to give back for all they have done for me.

My role can be somewhat glamorous, getting to interact with local and national celebrities, but the best part is what I get to do on behalf of the current patients going through the system.

We all can relate that healthy self-esteem is an area of concern for most teenage girls, but for many of our patients there is the added pressure of experiencing a visual difference from their peers (Many of our patients are in wheelchairs, have braces, perhaps a prosthetic limb, etc). The purpose of the Glam Jam is to increase the social-emotional heath of our teenage female patients through a motivational speaker, various self-esteem building activities and fun makeovers with hair, nail and makeup artists.

Look at how happy these girls were at the last few Glam Jam events. They are beaming with self confidence!

My whole goal with starting I Look Good Today was to hopefully show the world that no matter what your situation, your inner self esteem is essential and everyone is important and has a voice. The way you see yourself and portray yourself is how the world will see you. Growing up with a visible physical disability, I KNEW I looked different, but honey, I can still look in the mirror and say "I look good today!"

I wish all of you could join us at the Glam Jam. I know you would leave so fulfilled and inspired by these amazing young ladies!

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  1. An awesome effort on behalf of those young ladies who get to experience that event. And.......yes, Jamie, you DO look good today!!! xoxo