Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Flashback

{People were wondering why I was posing next to this movie poster. DUH, because I'm the star of the movie HELLO!}

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you have had an absolutely fabulous week! I certainly did! There were four notable events that made me particularly happy. 1) My nephew's first birthday. I don't get to see him often since he lives about 5 hours away, so when I do I just cherish our time together. Being his first birthday was last weekend, we had a little celebration for him. Watching him DESTROY the cake and wear most of it was absolutely priceless! 2) We celebrated one of our patients who has raised over $300,000 for our hospital with a plaque ceremony. The most amazing part is she is 11 yrs old! It just goes to show you that no matter your age, no matter your disability, if you put your mind to something you can achieve great things! Part of the ceremony included a visit from MLB player David Price, pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. He is such a nice guy! 3) Touring the 1920s hotel, The Fort Harrison. It is gorgeous and way out of my price range! I felt like a celebrity twirling under the beautiful crystal chandelier! 4) Thursday was a date night to the movies to see Winnie the Pooh (I know I'm just one big kid) with my hubby. Remember I mentioned here that hubby and I were extras in the Dolphin Tale movie? Well, it is coming out in Sept. SO EXCITED! After a jam-packed week, the weekend not going to be any slower. We're going to see our one-year-old nephew who is in town and getting much needed cuddle time with him, we're having a game night with friends and a fun pizza night out on Sunday!

Whatever you do, have fun, be safe and let me know all about it!

{The GORGEOUS chandelier in the Crystal Ballroom of the Fort Harrison Hotel. It made the prettiest designs of light throughout the entire room.}

{David Price from the Tampa Bay Rays was so gracious to take time out of his schedule  before pitching a game that same evening to support one of his favorite girls seated next to him. Although I'd love to say I'm the favorite, she's the little cutey on stage with him.}

{My hair is beginning to match up in length from the debacle of a haircut I had. I really am liking now how it is looking. My dad was right; it is only about 3 weeks between a bad haircut and a good one.}

{My nephew sure enjoyed his bday cake!}

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