Monday, January 30, 2012

The Long & Short of Things

Hello Friend. Today I come to you for your advice. I need your infinite wisdom. You know how I feel about my hair. . .I'm very particular about it. It's been curly, straight, short, long. . .I'm at the point that I need to get my hair cut. Since the horribly botched haircut almost six months ago I have only had my hair cut once to allow time for the uneven layers to grow out.

Now my hair is longer than it has been in a VERY long time, and I am actually really loving it. I feel it gives me a sort of rarrrr appeal LOL. I would like a few longer layers in front to give it some more style (Now that the layers are FINALLY even!), but I think I am liking my hair better long right now.

What's your vote?





  1. Oohh you look so pretty both ways!

    This reminds me that I have not had my hair cut in almost a year and that I should probably do that...

  2. Both styles look so great on you! But I'd say to keep it long, maybe get some face framing layers cut in. Then you can always go shorter if you don't like it!
    Smart n Snazzy

  3. I like both, they're both flattering on you..I'd do long and take a little off at a time as you wish.

  4. I like it both ways but the short look is sexy :)


  5. Either way looks great hon, but I voted long! :)

  6. I definitely like it long. Possibly, you could get layers around the face. This way, you could occasionally pull it back and have the layers look like you have shorter hair at times. Beautiful hair!

  7. You look cute either way, but I say long!

  8. Wow, your votes are so close. Short, long . . .oh decisions decisions!

  9. Long, Jamie..keep your hair long...make sure you have it layered though. Layers works.

    Like the person above said, you can put your hair in the bun, or braid your hair...long hair are the best..and or you can just let it loose.