Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Benedetto’s Ris­torante Ital­iano

Buon giorno, Bella! I love my Italian heritage! I grew up in a home filled with a loud, loving family who knew how to cook!

I am very picky when it comes to Italian food. . .probably because I am used to the Italian food my family prepared was made from scratch. Everything from the pasta dough, to the sauce, to the pasta fillings, to the bread, pizza. . .it was homemade. So when peo­ple say they love the Olive Gar­den or other want-to-be Ital­ian din­ing I think - it’s pretty good but it's not my family's food!

Last week my BFF and I stumbled upon a real gem in Italian restuarants - Benedetto’s Ris­torante Ital­iano! I love that the servers are so edu­cated on each dish as well as on top of every need. The food was outstand­ing the chef (also the owner) usu­ally comes out to chat with guests which says “I am proud of the food I cre­ate.”

Everything from the bread with their garlic spread, to the salad to the main course - I had their amazing cheese ravioli in a vodka sauce and tirimisu for desert - absolutely to die for!

If you are ever in the Tampa Bay area - this is a must try! As my family would say - MANGIA!

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