Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm Clueless

In the 90s one of my absolute favorite movies was Clueless. I loved the silly little sayings like "as if", the storyline was amusing, but the clothes!!! I dreamt of Cher's clothes! Maybe even more so than her clothes, I dreamt of  her closet!!! Do you remember it? I mean who hasn't dreamt of having Cher's awesome "Dress Me" closet app (even in the 90's it was a touch screen app HELLO!) - it wouldn't be a Cher closet without it because she wouldn't be able to get dressed any other way.

Managing your wardrobe can be a chore and a pleasure, right ladies? Questions like, "What did I wear to their last party?" can plague fashionistas who want to maintain their claim to style fame.

Well, there is a tool out there to help you keep track of all those awesome outfit “a-ha” moments. It’s called Stylitics and not only will it help you keep your ensembles organized, it also analyzes your spending habits, offers fun facts about your favorite brands and designers, and even has a calendar, complete with a weather report, that archives your outfits for you so you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of photos, trying to remember whether or not you wore the red dress or the black dress at your last dressy work related event.

It’s fairly straightforward and Stylitics has a tutorial that is easy to understand. You add items by searching for pieces and adding them to your virtual closet. Once the items are added you can create outfits and insert them into your calendar, for future reference. Stylitics also compiles data like how often you wear a piece and how much money you’re spending on your clothes and accessories.

Does this sound like something you’d use?

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