Monday, February 25, 2013

Give Your Heart a Break

I am a big fan of Demi Lovato's song "Give Your Heart a Break". To me it speaks volumes of tormented relationships, the fear of trusting love again and the wanting of someone to truly make a difference in your heart.

We all go through our relationship ups and downs. We have all been on cloud nine and for some reason or another lost that love. We have all heard or even said the words, "I'm not ready," to the person we really do love,  but that is just a sign of being afraid of listening to what our heart is telling us we truly want.

Although this song is focused on love, I truly believe it runs deeper than that.

I think it’s safe to say that if you are reading this blog – you want to be happy . . .at least I hope so. The paradox I’ve found in life is this… in order to be happy, we must grow. And in order to grow, we must face our fears and trust others . . . and "give our hearts a break."

So the equation looks something like this: Happiness = Growth = Facing fears = Trust

Which can be simplified to be: Happiness = Trust

I’m going to make the bold assumption that you have been in love. You’ve felt that initial obsession and the warm fuzziness of attachment and dependence that follows. If I might be so brazen, I’m also going to assume you’ve had your heart broken. Life as you knew it came to an end. You probably felt desperate and perhaps even found yourself doing irrational things – standing outside in the rain, holding a boombox blasting the most romantic song you could think of, in order to win your beloved back.

OK, that was John Cusack in the movie Say Anything, not you.

Each person is different. They have different needs, different desires, and, most importantly, different weaknesses. Universal trust quite simply does not exist once you are more than three years old. Yet you miss it, you dream about it. You chase it until you think you find it.

Love screws that all up. You have found your soul mate, the one person you are compatible with, the person of your dreams. NO! You are with a person, not an ideal. Stop piling stress on them that they simply cannot live up to. They slurp their soup, snore and have guilty secrets of their own, which affect how they trust...

Let them be human. You run the risk of getting hurt, sure. You do not run the risk of getting conned if you see people for who they are.

So, I’m curious… if happiness = growth = facing fears = trust - what fears could YOU face today in order to reach the ultimate trust with someone and give your heart a break?

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  1. Deciding to be happy is the most courageous choice I have ever made.

    And I got Shawn out of it. I just pulled my head out and decided to be happy. I'm so glad I did!

  2. Sometimes we all need to just trust what makes us happy. I'm so glad you have someone in your life who makes you smile! You deserve it!